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Sorry, if this has been said, I've read through a few pages and cannot find the answer...

1. Whatever I do, my types are mixing and then nullify the meter I had already, for instance, I had 2 Power bars, then suddenly it changes to sense and poof gone.
If I would use that spam-pot option that everyone here has described, it'd switch between power and charm, and it does -> totally not a solution.
2. I've read on the first page and on Wiki and everywhere what to do to raise power type, and here is what i did:
- With Buffalo, using power skills
- killing sense/power type bears who have zilch magic
- my weapon is sword, but also tried form, with 0 stats
- have no atrs on me
- dodging attacks is almost 0, i kill everything fast
Yet, after i finally reached 2 Power bars, it suddenly turned into sense AND magic....

- I also tried dodging for charm stats, after a while it turned to power and sense...

This whole procedure makes no sense, it's absolutely impossible to eliminate all other types and get even a 3rd bar from power type, after all this experimenting it's still 0000.
Please help .__.

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