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Default [MSotW][20/12 - 26/12] Wing Zero Gundam EW Custom

So this is my MSoTW, the angel gundam or bird gundam, whatever let's get started.

Wep1: Beamsaber
A 3hit combo that is not really used as the 3rd hit is slower.
Wep2: Twin Buster Rifles
Most used ranged weapon mostly, it fires two shots that come out quick. However both shots are only just about as strong as one beam rifle hit, meaning if one shot misses you'll be doing alot less damage.
Wep3: Vulcans
High rate of fire, decent damage and quick reload. Very usefull against I-fields/laminate armour etc.
Wep1: Twin Buster Rifle
Sniping long range KD beam. Sniping with this is useless as this mode can't tank and is very slow.

Skill1: Booster Extension
Useful skill, helps to improve mobility. Increases boost duration.
Skill2: ZERO System
Damage is maximized. Attack speed is increased. Enemy positions are indicated on the radar. Search distance is increased. When HP drops below 50%.
WZC's trademark skill, when this mode is active, you can spam your vulcans and beam rifles so fast that you may run out of ammo alot. Disadvantage is that most of the time you'll waver between choosing to special the enemy or keeping ZERO system as it activates and at a risky time.

The booster extension skill is great for almost anything, so nothing to say there.
The ZERO system is a great skill for a unit like WZC because it can play a solid mid range game and the ZERO system increases the rate of fire drastically, which allows you to kill your enemies faster.

Custom Builds
There are mostly two methods to custom WZC
One is C HP/OC ATK, which is mainly to keep Zero system active for a longer period and also to try to defend against specials, causing less damage.
The other build is Full ATK, which is to maximise damage caused and mainly focuses on the "kill before killed" strategy.
I prefer the latter build as Specials are avoidable and it's ranged special can be abused to hit enemies behind a corner or to ensure a retreat.

Most WZC players follow a very simple rule and play differently depending on the situation which is to avoid rushing solo.
WZC is a support attacker suit, unlike V2B, who employs a hit and runs tactic.
The Mode2 is used at the start of the match to score a hit on the enemies, due to the damage output and range.( Can't be used in maps like GRA-III though.) A WZC player mostly follows his/her teamates to provide cover fire.
But when a WZC is engaged in a 1on1 by a rock, the WZC player should try to use Mode2's KD beam to stop the enemy and retreat this is effective as the Mode2 has anti flinch. More advanced players would occasionally use mode2 to peek out and fire a quick shot when possible, as the beam has high damage output, however, this relies alot on lag.( Mode switch delay)

Personal View
I like WZC alot since it was the first gundam series I was exposed to and it's unique design made me like it alot.
In SDGO, WZC is rarely used in DM rooms nowadays due to better S ranks that are released but I still like it as it is a fun suit to play as.
However, WZC is a force to be reckoned with in the right hands, having great potential.
Although it might have a similiar weapon layout to DX gundam, it is different as DX has higher special damage and more defence in mode2, which WZC's mode2 lacks.
Even though I said that, I never hesitate to use special when needed as ZERO system isn't neccesary to keep as WZC still can manage with out the increased weapon attack speed

Here's two vidoes of WZC used by a TW and KR player(Cybaster and Darkespawn).

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