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Update: I have no more Pop Capes so if you would like one of the capes below, you'll have to provide one. I also changed some of the prices. Same rules as before. If you can provide a book, it'll be 10mil off the original price.

Stave of Tears x1 5mil
Ninja Sword x1 3mil
Ninja Mantle x1 10mil
Queen's Gun x1 10mil
Queen's Shield x1 5mil
Princess's Tiara x1 15mil
Koto's Wing Gun x2 8mil
Twin Fairy Cape x1 15mil
Dorothy Snow Staff x3 5mil
Dorothy Snow Mirror Shield x3 5mil

Bride La Befana x3 20mil
Groom Tau x5 20mil
Groom Mireru x1 25mil
Bride Venus x3 25mil
Ciqala x1 10mil (Free if you can provide the book)
Poppuri Huntress x1 (I'm very flexible on this one seeing as how I don't really have a price for it. Feel free to give me an offer :3)
Hailey x1 25mil
Cynical Alice x1 60mil
Gothic Sephiria x1 25mil (already fused with Young Egg)

Please buy?