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Xenadia? Hmm..... It didn't really make me tick when the update came because im lv 62 (lol). But the new field is awesome and has really wicked graphics. One thing that I noticed though is that the people with 3rd jobs have that weird graphic beneath their avatar, I dont think its a good idea since most MMORPG gams have that circle thing and thats what made la Tale special ;D. I liked the new skills especially the new skill for Holy Orders and Engistars. Some new skills though didn't quite make an appeal like the new skill for Treasure Hunters. Yeah, it looks good... doesn't seem right since it doesnt have anything to do with the weapon o.o . I ESPECIALLY liked the background music in Xenadia, beautifully arranged . The lobby and loading pages are awesome (made loading page my wallpaper ) Btw, I hope there will be a second server soon ^_^. Oh and is there a word "Engistar"? XD.