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Originally Posted by MegaBoy740
Guess we'll just have to IMPORT! But I like the looks of it! I didn't know if I would like the "more realistic art" they were talking about, but it seems to work.

I'm still loving the motion capture system too
Imports the way to go nowadays D: and I've been lurking around other places and i find people making petitions for the Tales games but all failed miserable apparently but I'm still glad that they tried. Aside from that I've been doing nothing but checking up on my Tales Of games so i look forward to every single one that appears (If nobody knew just type in Abyssal Chronicles which is a fan base site where i find info about the games).

Back to the main topic, Tales Of Xillia does seem to have a combination of Vesperia's and Grace's fighting styles since the way the camera angles is shown like Vesperia and the ability to side-step like Graces. And what was this thing about a dual fighting system or something like that? (IDK)