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Um, I don't think any of those are over powered at all. They are strong but they are really easy to dodge in my opinion. So I think it has balanced pros and cons. Raven Walker can easily be dodged or if you have good timing, you can use a quick mp to save your life. Stardust is just really easy to dodge, I mean the only time it hits is fall right into some awesome timing or surprise attack. Not sure about Nephilim, he's very cumbersome to control so you can easily evade him. Firestorm is kinda hard to dodge, but at least it's easy to dodge maps with elevation and also that move doesn't happen so instantly as like Phoenix asssault. Last but not least onrush is kinda hard to dodge out of the most, xD. In my opinion, if you get caught in one while you're mping, you better hope you can out last it or if you he runs out of ap just in time. But onrush isn't that bad at all. Most concerning is... phoenix assault... that move is so strong and yet so fast to react against. -_-