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Default A Bunch of Fuses

I have some stuff that I want to get rid of. If you can provide the book, it'll be 10mil off the original price. I'm not so sure about prices, so I'm just listing whatever seems fair to me. But of course, all prices are negotiable.

Koto's Wing Gun x2 8mil
Stave of Tears x2 5mil
Ninja Sword x1 5mil
Ninja Mantle x1 10mil (+10m if you want to use my Pop Cape)
Queen's Gun x1 10mil
Queen's Shield x1 8mil
Princess's Tiara x1 15mil

Bride La Befana x3 25mil
Groom Tau x5 25mil
Groom Mireru x1 25mil
Bride Venus x3 30mil
Ciqala x1 10mil (Free if you can provide the book)
Poppuri Huntress x1 40mil
Hailey x1 25mil
Cynical Alice x1 65mil

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