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Hmm, well, Where to begin. Well, i'll try to explain what those errors are in descriptive writing (as a start, im not sure where to begin).
I had to look around for some data for it, heres my opionion on what it is.

-205 Error:
(1) when you re-install reactor and a game for it's new updates,
This error could pop up, this might mean if you used a older client set up (aka patching lunia to lunia Z) it wouldn't handle the changes since it cannot 'read' some of the older files - hence a critical error. If that happens, a Re-install with the newest client setup it could fix the problem.

(2) If you reinstalled reactor only and lunia worked before the patch broke it giving fatal errors while you download it. (This is hypothetical though, since some ijji number errors might be related though) If this happens,
You have to go open up the Ijji reactor folder itself (Which is Drive C/Program files/ijji/ijji reactor/.
Look for something called 'offline' folder, Make a backup copy of it and then Delete the reactor folder. Start up reactor and try to Download the client and start the client. This may or may not work for a -205 error.
(This number error is -6, Since it may or not work).

Now for the next part. The error reporter actully opens up before you even get to start the game? (well, while patching before it gives a error)
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