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Default [MSotW][13/12 - 19/12] Gundam F91

I, StrykerX, am proud to present to you the MS of the Week, Gundam F91~

Gundam F91 was once one of the most versatile and as some might call it, hax suits in the game. But after several recent nerfs, it has since lost much of its reputation. And is even underestimated by some. Despite all that, it remains one of the most versatile and one of the fastest suits in the game.Equipped with an arsenal of both shell and beam weaponry and capable of out-meleeing most rocks, F91 is also able to engage in combat from any range and adapt to almost any situation which makes Gundam F91 your chameleon in the battlefield.

Suit HP -------14.70
Attack -------19.20
Defence -------18.90
Special -------21.30
Agility -------15.60
Speed -------26.70
Overall -------116.40

Movement: Walking in normal mode, Hover in MePE(Metal Peel-off Effect) mode


Normal Mode
Your default mode after spawning. This mode contains the bulk of you ranged weapons and haas no melee weapon in it.
Properties of Normal Mode:
- Beam Rifle is automatically selected after spawn.
- V.S.B.R is automatically selected after a spec.
- Shields are only present in weapons 1 and 2 of this mode and is located at your left arm.
- F91 uses beam SP while in this mode.

Weapon 1 Mega Machine-Cannons
Ammo Count: 12 Reload: 4 seconds(Reloads only after clip is emptied)
Your one and only shell weapon. Despite the recent nerf remains quite powerful. Very useful against opponents with veteran ranger or I-Field. Reloads relatively fast and has a range just short of a regular beam rifle. Making it a very spammable and useful damage-dealing weapon. Blocked by Veteran Sniper.

Weapon 2 Beam Rifle
Ammo Count: 12 Reload: 2 seconds/shot
The trademark gundam weapon is also available on the F91!! No surprise here. This is quite a decent weapon as the damage it does is quite high. This also has a very good feel, much like a scissor beam rifle. Its firing speed is quite fast and the fire delay is next to none. Making this one of the better beam rifles in game. Blocked by Veteran Sniper.

Weapon 3 V.S.B.R(Variable Speed Beam Rifle)
Ammo Count: 1 Reload: 7 seconds
Your long range Knock Down beam. Does fairly decent damage and reloads at a decent rate, making it both spammable and deadly. The firing delay is also relatively short, making it harder to miss. Very useful in saving yours or your teammate's ass from rush crazy rocks. Also penetrates. Meaning you can hit all of your enemies at once....if they're stupid enough... Blocked by Veteran Infighter.

MepE Mode
The mode you go into after pressing R(duh!), this mode grants you better mobility and a new weapon set which includes an epic melee weapon. Very useful for going around the map as the afterimages help you dodge pew pew flash lights and other long range weapons.
Properties of MePe Mode:
- Dual Beam Sabres is your default weapon, meaning when you switch to this mode or after a spec, Dual Beam Sabres will be automatically selected from your weapons inventory.
- Shields are only present in Weapon 2 in this mode and is located at your left arm.
- You will gain additional boost duration and create afterimages while boosting.
- F91 uses melee SP while in this mode.

Weapon 1 Dual Beam Sabres
Ammo Count: N/A Reload: N/A
The un-paper like melee that makes this suit so nice. This resembles more like a rock melee than a paper melee both in melee speed and number of hits. Despite its short-ish melee range(not butterknife range, please...), it is still relatively easy to kill with since you will have an easy time getting up close and personal with your extended boost and afterimages. Blocked by Veteran Ranger

Weapon 2 Beam Launcher
Ammo Count: 8 Reload: 3 seconds/shot
Your ranged weapon in MePE mode. This being a beam bazooka, has a really good range which lets you out shoot most if not all beam rifles. But unlike most beam zooks, this thing has a very short delay when shooting. It is almost as short as a beam rifle delay. Its reload speed also allows you to spam this to some extent. Blocked by Veteran Sniper.

1) Attack Up

The unit's attack power is increased.

2) Biocomputer

Movement speed is increased + Boost duration is slightly increased + Defense against mid-range weapons is increased, when the HP of the unit drops below 70%.

Attack up and Biocomputer synergises well with each other as well as the suit. Both of them further increases the F91's potential as an effective hit and run suit as well as boosting overall survivability and damage dealt.

[Custom Builds]
1. Full ATK
The most common F91 build that players use, although I personally am not using this build. The idea behind this build is that since F91 is an hit and run suit, why not hit harder before getting the f*** out? Also lets you engage in long range combat more effectively as this build allows you to outgun most high damage beamers.

Another effective build for F91. Although this build lacks firepower compared to full on ATK, it makes up with increased survivability and SP resistance and since you will probably be rushing alot, you're bound to get SPed alot.

Not sure about full AGI.... I just read it somewhere in the forums. But I am using the C AGI, OC ATK myself. Since F91 has kinda low base AGI, 15.6.....compared to Wing Gundam Zero(EW) which has base AGI of like 18?? The adding of AGI lets you react faster, which means smoother MCA/SS, less shooting delay and less boost delay.

There isnt really any fixed strategies for Gundam F91 as it is very adaptive. The most effective strategy for it however, is to hit and run. F91 is a speed demon and you need to abuse it. Both skills also point toward this strategy. Increasing both your destructive potential and also your speed to enable you to hit harder and run faster.

But to utilise this strategy effectively, one must be familliar with action cancel. This is to minimise time exposed if you miss your melee so that you will make it out there alive and hopefully take minimal damage. I personally use the C AGI, OC ATK build for this because the higher AGI smoothens action cancel and allows me to wing it faster. It also allows me to be on-par if not better than most rocks in a melee situation.

[Personal Opinions]
In a nutshell, Gundam F91 is a very versatile suit and can be very devastating in the right hands. Able to handle itself in almost any situation and possesing incredible speed, it has been my favorite suit since I got it.

One minor setback of Gundam F91 is that it has mid-low hp/def. Although not enough to make it squishy, this does limit your options while rushing. So the only way to play it effecively is with your team. A solitary F91 is a dead F91. If you want to tank or go solo, this is not for you.

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