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Originally Posted by Finkster
Um I had fatals too, so I removed the Reactor + Lunia. Then I downloaded + installed the Reactor and Lunia again. Was working for me and Zloty.
You should do what Flinkster did, If it doesn't work, Then there must be some sort of corrupt installation while installing lunia to that desired path folder. If that does happen, my answer is just wait it out for a bit and retry again.
Originally Posted by Finkster
Sigh, I thought people just choose the characters, which they like... Maybe it's just me, But I didn't look at how much damage Dainn deals, I just chose him as my first character, because I liked him the right way...
For once a Great game, Of legends to behold, Rest in piece, My dearest of Lunia Online ;-; (RIP : 2006 - 2011)