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Originally Posted by CujoEX
Woo hoo! More pictures!

Something about Amy's face doesn't look right. I think it's the eyes-to-nose connection. I know there are a lot of art that teaches how to draw that way, but from your other drawings, the style feels too different.

Elesis looks awesome! It kind of reminds me of Toradora! for some reason.

Ryan and Lire has been my favorite couple since forever. Elven love! Second would be Jin and Amy.

Your last Amy reminds me of Luka Megurine (from Vocaloid 2), but nonetheless, still looks professionally done!

I've send a Buddy Invite by the way. Add CujoEX when you get the chance
The first Amy pic was old. I think I was experimenting with different styles at that time, so I have a lot of different pictures from that time.

Must be the posture that makes Elesis look like that. xD

RyanxLire and JinxAmy are also my favorite couples. JinxAmy used to be my favorite, but after thinking about it, I like the mature Lire better than the immature Amy (plus, I <3 Lire).

Yes, I realized that too. But Amy's kinda like a musical character anyway.

Okay, I saw. I'm on at completely random times though, so I never see anyone that I know online.

Originally Posted by Seru
I love your art! My favorite so far is the lire in your lire and ryan pic. It's so well done (:
Thank you! I'm glad you like it, even though I actually didn't spend that much time on it. ... *shhh, don't tell anyone!*

Day 2? Lol.

I guess it got editted in. o.o I draw a lots. The deviantart stamp is still on there because I'm too lazy to upload the picture again.


Might color this if I feel like it.

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