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Played a bit. Lire is a lot more fun now. It's easier to dodge stuff because she's so fast and shoots all over the place. However...

It seems like the bolts don't fly as far before disappearing.
She is SO weak, it took me a ridiculously time long to kill Basilisk (longer than it used to).
Her 3bar is also weaker (especially against immobile bosses). But if you're lucky with the new 3bar, you might be able to hit the boss a lot more times if they move in the direction of the huge arrow.

Still love Lire. Coulda done without the damage nerf though. I'm doing like 150 damage while other people are jabbing for 250. D;

Edit: Okay, after some more fooling around, I think that Lire's new 3bar is pretty good against fat bosses. Skinny ones don't take that much...

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