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There are a lot of reasons I became addicted to the game:

1. It's a lot more fun (gameplay-wise) than the previous MMORPG I played (*cough* Runescape *cough* *cough*)
2. The community is 9001x better than the previous MMORPG i played.
3. Unlike the socialist (or communist) economic structure of the previous MMORPG that I played, which was extremely atrocious, I was searching for a game with a more relaxed, capitalist economy and still have a great gameplay. (If anyone can find a game that matches this description and you believe it beats Latale, please notify me. Otherwise, Latale takes the cake IMO).
4. I'm a money addict like Aubree (Don't care too much for fashion though)
5. I have people to talk to now (Few months ago, only like 2 ppl were online in my buddylist, who never even talked to me again after I added them :\ "Thanks for adding me. Now never speak to me again." The rest of the buddylist were like people who stopped playing and quit or people who decided to go on a haitus)
6. Guilds are awesome (Sadly now, I'm the only people that's actually active in my guild .) Plus, I like to be nice to people. Sometimes, I'll be a jerk once in a while, but I'm like nice most of the time.
7. It's the only MMORPG I play.
8. It's the only MMORPG I play.
9. It's the only MMORPG I play.
10. Because it's a great time waster