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You know what, I realize this is incredibly late...but I'm gonna post this anyway. I need to.

I was wrong to put down this game before.
Completely wrong (yeah kind of looks goofy now since I deleted the big rant over it).

Anyway um a while back after that happened, I had a change of heart and returned to GF. Been playing around like 2 months actually. And I take back all the bad things I thought about it. The durability system does NOT kill this game. In fact it's never been an actual issue for me all the way past lv 60. And I stopped to grind my masteries during that time! And it STILL took forever for one of my equips to finally bust from repairs. Mostly because I usually don't upgrade stuff past +5, don't really need to in this game. I survive off crappy normal equips and still do nice damage. When an equip finally dies, I just have my sprites make a new one. Or I buy it right out of the auction hall with chump change.

You all were right. The durability loss thing is nothing if you know what you're doing. I didn't then. But I do now. And it is not a problem anymore. I have not spent a dime on this game's cash shop and I still have an awesome time playing. I even bought all the cash items I wanted through the auction hall...with ingame gold I made just by grinding. So I look like a cash player, but I'm not.

I'm sorry for giving such a bad impression of this game before. I had to come back and say something. I apologize if I chased anyone away from trying it out. As far as I'm concerned, this game is about as close as you're going to get to WoW-level playing in a free-play mmorg.