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Originally Posted by RaineScarlet
I think the job change seems to take longer because now there are so many quests that push you all the way up to level 30. So far, I haven't been able to go back to run Gaikoz because I don't want to miss a quest (low level quest = exp drops). I don't have any problems with the actual drop rates. Maybe I'm just getting lucky. But at least you can tell if Gaikoz give you a sword/seal by looking for the quest scroll next to his name. If there isn't one, then just die to save time? :P

(Mari's level 32 and still no gunslinger.. OTL)
Well, what I'm drawing my numbers from is pure time investment, and average drops per run. As usually when I do these quests, all I do is these quests. I am either insanely unlucky to the point that I surely must be cursed, or the combination of their removing rooms and lowering drop rates has tripled the time the quest takes to complete. Either way, 10 hours is something I can dedicate when I'm feeling up to it, and at that speed it was something I could do once every few months when I really wanted the job. Thirty plus hours is just not doable. I lose motivation and give up long before I get anywhere close. I cashed Mari when she was first released, leveled her to 20ish, and was going to wait for gunslinger. I've since gained something like 25 frags, in around 20 runs, and I just can't be bothered to try any more.