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Adelain trailed closely behind the group into the cafe he had never seen before.He didn't think he'd come back home only to find an Archadian atmosphere in the midst of Rabanastre.

Lagging behind the others, Russet finally entered the cafe as well, "Eh? What's this? What Archadian in their right mind would create a set up like this in Rabanastre of all places?"

Adelain tugged at Russet's pant leg , hinting him to compose himself before he made any more insulting remarks.

"What?" Russet said looking down at the moogle. "Well...I guess its...somewhat like home. I won't know until I've tried the foo--"

"Remember what we came here for, Mr. Russet. Dining can come later kupo",Adelain interrupted.

" Yeah.. Yeaah.." Russet shrugged him off as he sniffed the aromas floating about.