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By the time the pair had reached the Tavern, Russet felt like he had seen just about everything by now and had reverted back to his usual deadpan expression. Fortunately for Adelain that meant Russet had stopped his incessant outbursts.
After entering the tavern, Adelain scanned for a familiar face but saw none. "It has been years after all", he thought to himself.
So the two made themselves comfortable at a table in the corner, quietly observing everyone preparing for their outing.

"Wait here", The moogle commanded Russet. "I'll go see if there is anything simple we can hunt to get you started".

"Yeah...sure"", Russet replied with boredom.

Adelain hopped from his seat and made his way between the small huddle that had formed around the notice board.

"Hmmm" Adelain was deep in thought as he studied the board before him. "Slim pickings I see, kupo"

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