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Vandol is a jewel in the roughVandol is a jewel in the roughVandol is a jewel in the roughVandol is a jewel in the rough

That's true about the slow, it's not as powerful as, Sandrock Custom EW, or some of the more recent slow suits like rock realdo. However, let me explain why I defend it on Sword suits real quick.

- Sword suits are stupidly fast as it is.
- Slow, even a minor slow, does cause a noticeable droop in boost speed.
- Even if the slow effect doesn't last for long, with how fast Sword Calamity moves, the second or two it lasts for, is more then enough to set onto a fleeing opponent and finish him off.

My only problem with trying to do a 9 hit combo, by kiting with the boost down, is that it only works if the team is terrible. Sword Calamity doesn't fare too well 2 on 1, and it takes long enough for the hit counter to reset, for enemy support to arrive. I would rather boost down, chuck my boomerangs into them, and find another target. Though against terrible players / bad teams, it's worth doing just to anger people.

And yes, I agree. Second hit ss is ridiculous. There's no after delay, and the swings come out incredibly quick. Most new rock players can excel just because of that fact. If it comes into a SS contest with Sword Calamity, you're just going to get lubed up and violated.