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Vandol is a jewel in the roughVandol is a jewel in the roughVandol is a jewel in the roughVandol is a jewel in the rough

Good read, Iunno if the slow comment was sarcastic or not however. Even level 1 slow is enough to cause players to panic and break rank, trying to slip into a back flank. So it works great as a method to catch players, and a method to scare players into doing what you need them to do.

Combo wise, I disagree slightly. Each hit cancels with SS to the point where there's no after animation lag, therefore a player can slink in boomerangs after the second hit, and still catch in melee stun animation. Even if you screw up, most scissors / papers panic and try to boost straight up, combined with the slow aliment, this fails and you can quickly and efficiently rip them apart in air.

For stock, a more efficient combo is 2 -> mca -> 2 mca -> boost down, stopping on the second stage, and then simply pulling off and spamming boomerangs into the back side. This is a heavily abridged version of what Alphaedge on KR does, and it works for a great quick kill, especially with how fast SC's 2 hit mca combo works. In fact, with how efficient SC's boost down is, I'd recommend it as the last hit in any of SC's combos.

This is for 2 fold-
1- It disables an enemy's movements, and essentially locks his position preventing him from being a threat for a few seconds.
2- You'll often have allies who are hungering for glory and will quickly put the disabled enemy out of his misery. Especially important because SC's range game isn't too incredible.

It's worthy of noting that once you hit a higher point of skill and ability, you can stop early on the second hit and pull off in a straight boost. For the average player, stopping your melee on the second hit will give you enough time to avoid a spec in retaliation. This is namely due to most players attempting to spec right when the first melee hit connects. The lag prevents the spec from going off instantaneously, and instead goes off a little after your second melee swing connects. Once they're in a spec tracking animation, just boost behind them and nudge their backside. However, because of lag involved in SDGO, always do at least one melee hit before attempting a boost down so you have stun frames holding the suit from flying away.

I've also found that Sword Calamity has the best subshot for swatting people down in midair, and that once you get comfortable with it, are able to boost down rushing rocks out of midair for easy kills.

So yea, good sword rock in my opinion, and easily one of the most versatile A ranks in the game, provided there are no suits with the no flinch property. Doubly so for you lucky TW players who can get 3 slotted Sword Calamity Gundams.