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Default [MSotW][29/11 - 5/12] Sword Calamity

Here's the inaugural launch of the MS of the week! First up is the Sword Impulse... wait, I read that Chinese letters wrong, I meant Sword Calamity!

Type: Rock
Movement: Hovering

Weapon 1: "Schwert Gewehr" Anti-Ship Sword
Standard 5 hit melee, extremely large hit range and can easily hit targets from above

Weapon 2: "Midas Messer" Beam Bomerang
The "standard" weapon for the Sword- series, however, Sword Calamity throws two of them in one shot. There are 3 shots total. Inflicts the ever-useless level 1 slow ailment.

Weapon 3: "Panzer Eisen" Rocket Anchor
A 3-hit combo attack, much like Sword Strike's. Inflicts Boost Down on the unlucky foe.

Phase-shift Armour: Reduces damage of ballistic-type weapons.
High-performance OS (A): Increases agility and search distance, and decreases reload time.

Phase-shift armour is not terribly useful against most things today, but I guess it will do for a defense skill especially with the likes of pesky homing missiles and machineguns.

High-performance OS is its glory-skill. Higher agility means faster "walking" and faster swings. Not like faster swings will help much, since its already extremely fast in the first place. Search distance is helpful for auto-lockers to find their enemies. And reduction in reload time means more usage of W3.

- There are two builds for this stat. The more common amongst Sword Calamity player is to maximize its speed and add on agility to it. After that, one can add more attack to it, making it a Speed+Agi+Atk build.

- The second build, though less effective is HP+Defense. This allows it to tank more damage, but in my opinion, these additions on Sword Calamity does not show that much change in its defensive capabilities.

In my humble opinion, I prefer the Speed+Agi+Atk build. This is due to its nature to run into enemies, kill (or damage significantly) and run. Sword Calamity is not meant to be a damage sponge, as it has much too little health to do so.

Sword Calamity thrives on near-flawless play, and requires the knowledge of using melee techniques of animation cancelling. Since it absolutely cannot take a hit, it needs to kill as fast as possible and run as quickly as possible. Users of Sword Calamity must be aggressive to actually do anything, but careful enough to not take too many hits. One mistake in the midst of a melee skirmish with another rock such as Sword Strike or Nataku, and death is inevitable.

Usual melee strings come into play with Sword Calamity, including 1-3-1-1-1-1, 1-1-1-1-3-1, 3-1-1-1-1-1. Ending strikes could be replace with w2, as to not knockdown for other teammates to scavenge. However, as with other rocks, it is important to be not too greedy with damage and it is not neccessary to continue combo until it is over. If under pressure, by all means run away.

[Personal Opinions]
I really like Sword Calamity. Although it cannot take as much damage as Sword Strike, it still does its job well. Its melee is incredibly smooth, and hits wide and tall. However, I personally don't like that its boomerangs are launched from the middle.

When compared to other swords, they throw their boomerangs with their right hand. Sword Calamity throws two with both it hands dead center, making it harder to just hide and throw. Its just a little nitpicking though, it doesn't change the fact that Sword Calamity is a beast when used correctly.

Sword Calamity is most similiar to Sword Strike in the sword-series, with the w3 being an almost exact copy. It trades defense that sword strike has with speed and attack, making Sword Calamity a more offensive machine. There's only one thing that suits Sword Calamity's powers, and that's the blitzkrieg strategy.

Here's two vids to illustrate the powers of Sword Calamity. One from TW by Cybuster, and one from KR by 月夜牙

Share your thoughts on Sword Calamity and your playstyle! Traesto!
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