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"Ugh. Could that ride have been any longer?" Russet complained as he stretched his legs out onto solid ground. Russet and Adelain were boarding off the airship after their long voyage from Archades. Adelain's eyes almost sparkled with the sight of Rabanastre once again. The clamor of its inhabitants and the beaming sun seemed to bring back memories.

"Did you hear me Adel? I really think airshi-..." Russet trailed off as his eyes followed a scantily clad Viera amongst the crowd.
"Wah!" He exclaimed, "What are those...? Are those ears?! Where are the rest of that young woman's clothi-" He halted in his speech again as his eyes caught yet another spectacle.
"Look Adelain! More reptile creatures." It was obvious Russet wasn't a well traveled person as he took in all the sights before him.

"Young master, I told you once before on the ship, they are Bangaa. Please refrain from causing a scene. Here in Rabanastre you will meet many walks of life. So do try your best to be respectful, sir", Adelain said calmly.

"Oh right. So... To that tavern you mentioned right? Something about your Century Club, and what not?"

"The Clan Centurio, and we are heading toward the Sandsea which is north of here", the moogle replied looking slightly irritated.

The two gathered what little belongings they had and began to navigate the sea of people towards their destination.

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