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I lol.

How's everybody doing in starcraf
Originally Posted by Light
I was actually hoping for the beta experience to fly over toward the game release.
Players in beta would hop over and we'd all have the fun we had before.

As of now I've got 9 friends, which is half of what I had during beta.
of these friends only a maximum of 3 have been on at once, unlike the 10 maximum which were around during beta.

This has made teamplay and custom gaming very boring, as it's more enjoyable playing with people you know.
So far it's mainly myself and Kowiz screwing around, and sometimes SlowBro pops on for a game or two.
Mai's been MIA thanks to enrollment to UCLA, but during the summer he would be around.
Even though he's in University though, he'd pop on time to time as I do for some rounds.

Once cross regional-connecting comes to play, I'll be able to friend at least 3 other people I know got locked, at least 2 of them will be regulars.

Sorry for MIA, college is busy busy ><; I'll be on more during breaks too

Happy thanksgiving~~

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