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i just unlocked my mana intake yesterday and yes, some of the maps have been changed..i see that your quest is the number 4 of the low's not actually from the lizard shaman like what max's in peyita (the map next to the lizards) can get the 30 necklace from the first 2 dungeon in the 4th map (4-1 and 4-2)..since the interface has changed, you can easily see if your quest is in that map (there'll be a letter Q in the map if you have a quest there)..i don't have picture here since i'm at work right now..i can send you the image when i get home later

edit :
i made a mistake, the map is not 4-1 and 4-2..i just found out that map is called 3x-1 and 3x-2 to be accurate..i thought it's 4-1 and 4-2 since that is the 4th map but it seems that it's just an extra dungeon..but i'm pretty sure that it is PEYITA

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