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Default Jyrn

RP: Between Wings and Dreams

Name: Jyrn (pronounced Jur-en)
Age: 19
Gender: F
Race: Viera
Occupation: Clan Centurio member (navigator)/Leatherworker/Tailor
Height: 5'7" (not including ear length)
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eyes: Amber/Brown
Hair: White
Notes: A Rava Viera, and a member of Clan Centurio, Jyrn is treasured for her ability as a navigator (given her race's natural enhanced senses) and carries many items used for navigation. She is not particularly proficient as a marksman, as she left the Wood at a young age, and hadn't undergone substantial marksmanship training. Being self-conscious of this fact, she has trained herself in hand-to-hand combat, and is also a proficient leatherworker/tailor.

Appearance: Slim build, dark skin. White hair is medium-long, tied back in a low ponytail. 3 piercings in her left ear, none in her right. Wears leather armor on her hands, wrists, forearms, and shins/calves. Wears a combination leather/cloth top on her upper body (leather covering the breasts, and extending down the middle of the top [front and back], with cloth being on the sides), and combination leather/cloth pants (mostly cloth, except for leather on the front of the legs). Also wears a solid leather helmet when in the field (whether hunting or doing clan work). Wears the standard stiletto shoes of the Viera. When she isn't armored (not hunting or working), she likes to wear a yellow sundress.

Weapons are strapped to her waist (short dagger on the hip, long dagger strapped on the back). She also has a small pouch strapped to her waist (on the hip, opposite of the short dagger) which is filled with various field necessities (healing products, compass, maps, etc. [mostly products for navigation, with other objects kept to a minimum]) as well as a tailoring kit.

When fighting, she holds the long dagger in her left hand (blade facing up, towards the sky), short dagger in her right (blade facing down, towards the ground).

Personality/Character: A sweet young girl, with a great sense of humor. She is always cracking jokes, and is a heavy proponent of sarcasm. She's also very good at taking a joke, and is not particularly sensitive to insults, either. Generally just a fun-loving individual. Takes her work (navigator, leatherworker/tailor) very seriously, however. Even so, she still jokes while at work. She is very prone to tell the truth without thinking about consequences, and is also prone to just say whatever she is thinking (once again, without thinking about consequences).

History: Left the Wood at a young age. Because of this, she received a minimal amount of marksmanship training. To make up for this, she has trained in hand-to-hand combat.

She didn't lead a particularly hard life after leaving the Wood. Only the first few weeks were particularly hard, as she knew nothing of the outside world. Soon however, she found work and housing as a leatherworker's apprentice. Even though she is now a professional level leatherworker, she still stays with this man and takes care of him, because he's fairly old now, and also out of her respect and gratitude for all he has done for her.

Special Abilities: Very proficient in physical combat, relatively proficient in green magick. Also has low-level capabilities in white magick (only the healing aspects of white magick).

Equipment: Fights with 2 daggers, one short and one long. Wears armor (described above). Also, her pouch with assorted items inside (described above).


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