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Honestly, looks like asuka with pirate cs... I thought they wanted a design that is new, but it's hard to ignore the similarity between asuka and this design.

Also, a dual-wielder. Could be Asuka's older sister that was deported to the Mediterranean. I'm interested in the korean players' response to this character.

I'm guesing the AA will have similar range like tia since the weapons are almost dagger like. But still, the chain aspect of the design is just asking for high range and fast execution. I can't tell if it will be a DEX or a VIT character, but definitely not an INT character.

Anyways, seeing how easily characters are made.... I just can't help but to lose respect in Allm's game design philosophy... overall... the confidence I have to speak for Lunia's once attractive PVP system has been wasted. I don't know what to expect... or if I should keep track of lunia anymore.
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