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Alright then. I'm starting to agree with everyone on some of their point's they've been making.

@Deadeye87: Adding some gifs would be an excellent idea. If I can find some spare time today, I'll try to get around to creating some.

@SOC: THANK YOU. That was exactly what I was looking for in terms of feedback. Someone's who's experienced both routes. I mention in my guide that Rage generally seems geared towards people with money, and thanks to you, I'm not so worried that I might've misinformed people by saying that. My own experience with Rage was around my mid 30's. I reset from Concentration to try out Rage + R. Explosion. I noticed that my accuracy loss was immediate, dramatic, and worth it to nail an enemy for roughly 800 damage(crit) at level 34.

@xdgr: The problem with Edge Bounce and Counter, is that to max both, you need 13 skill points total. On a Concentration build, Edge Bounce and Counter might be geared towards people who don't mind slowing their momentum a bit to observe habits of whatever they may be fighting. I actually had to invest a bit of time in figuring out how to make Edge Bounce/Counter a viable combo against Invoke and Hyunmu. Turns out that the best way to make it work is to lure them into noticeable patterns. IE Invoke (First Form) focuses on the tank of the group who just so happens to be me. TO avoid his fire breath I run under him. Now about 8 times out of 10, He'll follows this up with the Tail whip. Edge Bounce and counter turns that unproductive moment of time into a productive one, while avoiding damage I might have taken.

Thanks to everyone for their observations and tips. I'd like to hear more if anyone is willing to share. Once I can find some spare time, I'll get around to editing the guide a bit.