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As for the Rage/Concentration...

I've made two level 80 Warriors thus far. Both were two-hand sword. I used the same gear for both, did the same quests (well, I did a lot of new ones on the second because he was more recent than my first), did the same training spots (when I actually needed to grind) and plan on doing the same craft (except this one's going tech weapon while my first is battle, but that doesn't apply to Warrior :P) so I could find out exactly, for my self, how each one played out and if there was a true "better than the other." For Concentration, I skipped expert mastery. For Rage, I got expert mastery.

What I found out: Rage is "better" than Concentration, but only if you're very familiar with La Tale, have other high level characters to fund you, and are willing to bite the bullet in the 50s and and lower 60s of levels.

Pretty much what everyone's already said about them. Concentration lets you land more hits, but you sacrifice a buttload of damage in criticals. The base damage isn't too different, but there's a huge difference in your crits. Scar DOES help in later Warrior levels (75+) when you're doing Neo Navy, it'll actually kill a few of them depending on your gear setup. It helps a little bit when you first get it on Crabs during the 60s, but not as noticeable as it does on Neo Navy. This works great if you want a well-rounded character and want to level on a stable basis without much worry. Great for beginners.

The Rage tree is definitely something I recommend for players who are funded and geared already from other characters, and you know how to play La Tale. The accuracy problem is definitely an issue when you hit the 50s, because that's when the game starts being more demanding. You won't actually start lowering your accuracy until you start getting expert mastery, but the fact that you're not getting Concentration is starting to weigh in, because the mobs require higher accuracy to hit, and the 2h sword's low hit skills (as in, most of them are only 1 hit per skill) means you'll be doing quite a bit of missing. This is when you should consider physical accuracy gloves and weapon, and start paying attention to puzzles. This is also the perfect time to start getting critical damage gloves alongside your physical accuracy, which might cost a bit of money, and why I suggest doing this after you're familiar with La Tale and have funds. I was able to do it, but I got lucky with a lot of 95% enchants (and some below) which doesn't happen often. Should I have failed any, it would've been too costly for me to have gotten my gear back without outside funding or days of mining. The quest Ely wouldn't be enough to get the gear needed to be a decent Rage warrior. XD

But, the Rage warrior is overall better provided you can get your hands on some good accuracy. This means accuracy gloves/weapon and an Order guild. It will make the 65+ (particularly when you can start soloing Neo Navy, which I know is more like 73/74, but the 65+ levels really pick up) fly on by as you crush your enemies with terribly powerful criticals with Rage Explosion and expert mastery. I'm talking you do like... 400-500 normally, and 1.5k-3k with criticals. You just need the accuracy to back it up because a miss is 0 damage afterall, and 2h swords have a lot of 1 hit skills.

The only reason I was able to pull off the Rage tree well was because I was extremely lucky with item trade 2 and 95% enchants and upgrades. I did have to do some mining for Ely and materials for upgrading, but not much. I doubt a fresh brand new noob to La Tale would ever have the same luck, thus I recommend Concentration if you're new to La Tale, and Rage if you're already funded and know how to play La Tale extensively.

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