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Talking Help with guild finding!

Hey guys, after almost a year of quitting latale, all my friends and former guild Slayer has moved on. I know Slayer is still a guild but mushudragon (chris) whom I knew very well doesn't play that often. Anyways, I currently have like 1 active buddy (lol...) and most importantly, I'm looking for an exciting guild.

Not to be picky, but I'm willing to join a guild that is...

1. Kind players who don't always go afk
2. Active
3. Friends that I can know better (ethnicity background etc)
4. +6 at least lvl guild
5. No preference to the type of guild (Chaos/Neutral/Order)
6. Willing to help and contribute to guild members (not by giving ely but maybe helping with quests and etc)

IGN: HeroRyu
98 - Blader

I'm also looking for active friends (+80 preferred, sorry I'm somewhat of a "levelist"). PM me in-game if I'm not afk with shop or something.


+Rep if I've been helpful please! Always looking for active and nice buddies. PM Me in-game