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Originally Posted by VorpalBunny
Was there a naval battle? Next time you see 400 units attacking one of your cities, build one ram ship, and that sends them all home. I do that a lot on my new colony. Whenever it gets a raid signal, I move a ram ship from my large city on the same island over and deflect the attack. They lose over 100k in wages and much luls are had 8D
That's pointless, since he's no the same island as her.

@ Miyuki, my spies will arrive in about 8 hours... after that I can send in a fleet to blockade and later attack him.

150 phalanx and 100 steam giants is alot, especially behind a high lvl wall... so, I'm really not sure if I can win.

Wanna help out and attack with me at the same time?