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Originally Posted by chloe
can someone tell me how to unlock the locked skills?

here's my status:

1. using aisha (dark mage)
2. already purchased scroll from the PVP npc for 20k (lvl20 scroll)
3. i can see the locked skill but i can't unlock it (the skill beside the hell stone)
4. my aisha is lvl 25 as of the moment
5. when i right click the scroll, nothing happen
6. this will be the first time that i'm going to unlock a skill i doing wrong or do i need to do something else?

thank you for your usual support
you have to take the quest from the pvp girl since you already have the scroll just exit on here and re-enter the first part of the should automatically be completed from doing that from there do the various parts of the quest when your done go to your inven find the skill and right click it now you will be able to allocate points in it. also SQ guide - ElWiki P.S the skill is mana intake

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