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Originally Posted by rainbows
i remember i watched your first two vids a while ago, so i only watched the 3rd one this time. i really like your controlled speed of >> AS (something i can't do cause i can only seem to speed through it) is this eulunia? i dont think i've seen you in glunia yet

but anyway i want to talk about the wall thing. different resolutions will have a different-sized hp bar so the player really has to get used to watching how close their opponents are. i usually look at the shadow.

and i also want to make a suggestion: i noticed in this video you had to get your friend to stand on the wall for you, so i'm guessssssssing you might sometimes have trouble getting them in there. the "holy spirit+chain+lvl 2 fmb >>AS shout wall shift" works most of the time to get them to stick to the wall.

another way is after your "[meleemelee,etc] >>AS holy spirit" from like half-of-city-arena's-distance away, you run up to them, >>AS while the holy spirit is still hitting them against the wall, then quicklyyyy dash diagonally to the wall for the wall shift. the >>AS usually sticks them into the wall

_____.___/ |

something like that, where O is the target, and assuming the >>AS far enough distance that it won't miss the target

Well, Yash Thats Eu Lunia ^_^, well i've learned to controll the speed of >>AS (thanks to GlassSunlight, who teached me that) is just like >>A(bit Delay)S.
And i was kinda practicing that for 24 Hours in PF and first i got Worse cause i couldn't time it at all, but after a while i could controll the speed, like you can see in the Video.

And with the Wall Infinite Combo, well in that video i just tryed to explain so good as i could, and i tryed to "tell/show" Those PVP Eir's out there how i've learned it and i hoped that this way would help some Players.

and to get the Enemy 100% next to the wall in an Air Combo, i usually do (like you've said) HolySpirit and Chain + FMB >>AS (shout) ↓↓↑→(229 on Keyboard)

and i would really love to pvp against you D:! hate those Delays on ijji (europe FTL)

and Thanks for your Feedback ^^