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Default Kayo's Comprehensive 2h Sword Warrior Guide

Foreword:I'm pretty new to La Tale in general, so please consider this when reading this guide. Any constructive criticism is welcomed. Either leave a comment, or if you have a lot you'd like to discuss, you can reach me on AIM. My user name is Aemskey.


Hey there, I'm Kayo. Today I'll be attempting to enlighten some new players to the wonderful world of being a Two-Handed Sword Warrior. Before I start, I'd like to mention two key things.

First off, this is NOT a manual for how you should play this particular class. I'll merely be telling you about the pros and cons of playing a 2h warrior, and going in depth on skills.

Secondly, always remember that it is nigh impossible to completely ruin a character. Skill Reset books are NOT terribly expensive (I'll actually be telling you a half decent way to make money at early levels in this guide, but more on that later.) so if you ever find yourself thinking, "Man, where did I go wrong?" you can always find solace in that fact.

Now that we've got that out of the way...I'll go ahead and outline what we'll be learning here today:

-What it means to be a 2h Warrior from my perspective. I'll outline the pros and cons as I see them, and try to give everyone a general idea of what to expect.

-What the different skills are, and in depth information about individual skill. In lieu of telling you a specific skill tree to follow, I'll assign each individual skill a rating from 1-10 on how important I find them to be.

-The Great Debate: Rage or Concentration.

- Misc. Tips and Tricks. This section will include my tips to make money.

Now then, lets get started.


To be a Warrior

Why should I become a 2h Warrior? There is a lot to consider, honestly. The whole reason I became a warrior, was mainly because they were the first class to look really interesting. I mean, high damage and needlessly flashy skills without being made of tissue paper? That sounds pretty cool to me. But you might have other reasons to like them. You could like them just because they are beginner friendly. Maybe you'd be interested in them because they are easier to train if you are by yourself. Who knows? Only you. So evaluate yourself accordingly before making the choice to become a warrior.

What can I look forward to? As a 2h Warrior, you have a lot to looks forward to! High damage, flashy skills, high intensity mobbing....and pot burn. Lots of that. But we'll worry about that a bit later.

What sets me apart from other Warriors? As a 2h Warrior, you are a completely different beast compared to other Warriors. You have superb damage, very acceptable range for a melee class(Second only to Spear Warriors), and you get exclusive access to one of my favorite skills. Plus, 2h Warriors get some of the coolest looking weapons in La Tale.

So lets break things down:

The Pros:

-High damage
-Good range for a melee class
-Decent defense and HP
-Beginner friendly
-Good in party's or solo

The Cons:

-You are NOT a real tank
-You have to get up close to mobs
-Skills tend to be very costly, due to low SP
-Intense mobs will burn your pots quickly
-Can be fairly inaccurate depending on your build

So, now I've told you what you need to expect from being a 2h Warrior. Now you just have to decide if being a 2h Warrior is right for you.


The Skills

In this section, I will briefly outline each skill and describe it's attributes. I will also grade each skill on a scale of 1-10 on how important I consider it to be. Remember, these are only my thoughts. Nothing is set in stone.

The Mastery Skill Tree

Two-Handed Sword Mastery (Novice): This will likely be the first skill you ever put a skill point into. This is because you need to up this skill to increase the level of your first two attacking skills. As for it's effect...It increases your accuracy with 2h Swords. I...shouldn't have to explain how helpful this skill is. You want this skill maxed ASAP. 10/10

Two-Handed Sword Mastery (Skilled): This is actually slightly less important than I originally thought. This skill increases your damage with 2h Swords and when maxed allows you to up Edge Bounce. It's a good skill, without doubt. But unfortunately, I placed more priority on other skills at the time I could up this. 7/10

Two-Handed Sword Mastery (Expert): ....Augh. I'm not a high enough level to up this skill yet, but I've done my research on it. I'm going to level with everyone reading this guide, right now. I don't like this skill. I don't like what it does, and I don't think a skill like this should be referred to as 'Mastery' of any kind. This skill makes all of your 2h sword attacks even more powerful. However! It lowers your accuracy substantially in the process. Now I'm not gonna sit here and preach that this skill is useless, because it isn't. With proper equips, this skill can make you a force to be reckoned with. But meh. I'm just ranting at this point. My opinion, 1/10

Shock Wave Skill Tree

Shock Wave:Nostalgia! The first attack skill I used in La Tale. It's a single strike, multiple target attack thats more cost efficient than the other attack skill you can have at this level. The catch is, that it tends to do collectively less damage. Either way, definitely a good choice for the first attacking skill you choose. 8/10

Meteor WaveAlright, take Shock Wave....and add slight forwards movement, a lot of damage, and a cooler attack effect. Thats Meteor Wave. Same draws backs as well, however. 7/10

Atomic Break: Alright, alright. So picture this. Meteor Wave....but bigger. And blue. And more painful. Noticing a trend here? Anyways, by the time you unlock this should consider which skill tree you like more if you've been upping both. Having more than 6 attack skills is overkill in my opinion. One thing of note, this skill has a fair bit of delay between uses. keep that in mind. 7/10

Time Breaker: Okay! Okay! Guys! You listenin-....Yeah you know where this going. But the difference this time, is that Time Breaker is the best you can get from this skill tree. This is where I officially say, pick a tree and stick with it. By the time you earn this, you have 4 skills you can use from each skill tree. 9/10

Twin Blade Skill Tree

Twin Blade: Why the hell is this skill called TWIN Blade. He swings his sword three times...Well whatever. This is a costly, multi hitting skill that's great at building and sustaining combos at all levels. Since it hits multiple times, you will usually out damage Shock Wave unless you miss with two of the hits. Of note, this skill moves you a bit forwards. keep that in mind if you are fighting enemies that like to lunge through you with their attacks. 8/10

Double Blade: Now THIS skill is one of my favorites. Your character will twirl around, gaining a bit of forward ground in the process, and swing his sword twice. This attack hits all around your character, causes GREAT damage for a two hit attack, and makes your character grin like a psychopath. What's NOT to love? 10/10

Triple Crashes: Dear god...The skills in the tree are getting almost barbaric, aren't they? This skill carries you a good distance forwards and HURTS. Three hits, all capable of devastating damage. I'm loving it. How about you? 9/10

Blade Thrower: ...Well. This is new. As the name implies, your character chunks his sword forwards a distance in a buzz saw fashion. This attack absolutely SHREDS enemies apart. I mean, come on. You just lobbed a freaking Buster sword at them. <_< Anyways...This skill has it all. Range, power, multiple hits...and the cool down time of a Warp Capsule. Note, that my comments involving the skill tree apply here as well. By the time you can access this skill, you should pick a skill tree and adhere to it in my opinion. 9/10

Edge Bounce Skill Tree
Note: To Unlock Edge Bounce, you need to fully upgrade Two-Handed Sword Mastery (Expert). To increase this skill, you must spend 3 skill points instead of 1. However, this skill only has 1 level, so it balances out a bit.

Edge BounceThis skill is highly underrated and under used. I have not read a guide as of yet that mentions anything about this awesome skill. When activated, you gain roughly 1.5 seconds of complete and total invincibility from physical attacks. All physical attacks launched at you will miss without question. This is a GOD SEND for fighting most mobs. It can give that extra second you need for your pots to recharge, and if used in moderation, can easily cut down on HP pot consumption. There are several downsides to this skills, however. The first, is that you must have Concentration active to use this skill. The second, is the long cool down time. Finally, this skill can NOT protect you from nonphysical attacks as far as I've tested. Invoke's flames and wind gusts penetrate Edge Bounce, so I can assume magic might be exempt from Edge Bounce's effect. If you have Concentration, there is no reason not to have this skill as well, however.. 10/10

Counter: Oh yes. This is a terrifying attack in it's own respect. But it requires slight skill to use. First off, you have to successfully evade an attack with Edge Bounce. For a moment after you do, this skill will be usable. It launches a lightning quick counter attack that causes substantial damage. This skill is VERY cost effect relative to the damage it can cause, but unfortunately it has a cool down time almost as long as Edge Bounce. Either way, if you have Concentration and Edge Bounce then this skill is the next step.

Misc. Skill Tree

Strength Upgrade: This skill is pretty important. I'll say that right away. For every point invest into it, you gain 3% more Strength. This skill also needs to be upped to 5 before you can start investing points in either Rage or Concentration. Obviously, you want to put some points into this quickly. 9/10

Overpowering Gaze: I haven't had a lot of time to experiment with this skill. However, it seems fairly reliable from what little time I've had to play around with it. This skill temporarily decreases a target's Attack power by 2% per level. I'm not sure how much this skill really matters in the long run, since I've had very little time to play around with it. If anyone has additional input, I'd love to hear from you. ?/10

Threatening Gaze: This skill...It seems like it could create some heinous scenarios for the mobs you'll be fighting. But that's purely theory on my part, since I've had NO time at all with this skill as of yet. Anyways, this skill lowers the Defense of a monster by 10% + 2% for every level you have in it. Theoretically, with certain damage increasing skill like Rage and Expert Mastery, you could just shred anything this skill effects to pieces with little effort. But thats purely theory. If anyone would like to give me some more information on this, I'm happy to accept. ?/10

Bloodthirsty Aura: Oh my...a passive party buff. Thats rare for a warrior of any kind. This skill seems like it'd be very useful, but as with the previous moves, I haven't been able to test it. Would anyone care to tell me how significant that critical damage becomes? ?/10


Concentration or Rage?

You should have noticed, but I didn't include Rage and Concentration in the above skill list. This is because those skill trees are substantial to how your warrior will behave in combat.

This topic plagued me badly when I first saw it. You can only have one of these skills or the other...Which sucks. Both of these skill have potential to be great, and both have drawbacks. Lets see what we're working with here.


This skill increases your accuracy by 1% per level. Warriors need accuracy. Badly. Having this skill will make you more likely to hit enemies, thus making you more likely to hold a combo in tight situations where a miss could ruin it. Plus the Concentration skill tree can lead to the Scar passive skill, which can partially compensate for lost damage. Also, you need Concentrate to have access to Edge Bounce and Counter, both of which are great skills. On the down side...your damage will NOT be as substantial as a Rage warrior. This can be a very serious turn off for some people.

Now, the opposition...


Rage increases physical attack power by 1% per level. This adds up quickly, and leads you to Rage Explosion. Rage Explosion has potential to make your Twin Blade Tree skills unholy terrifying attacks with the right equips. Also, with the right equips, you can mitigate that loss of accuracy. The problem with all this, to me at least, is that we can't all have these nice equips I keep talking about. Rage seems to be more geared towards people with money. This is only my opinion of course, so keep that in mind.

Well....we've seen both sides of the story. Concentration was my choice. I like the increased accuracy more than the increased damage. Also Edge Bounce and Counter were VERY appealing to me. As for what you should choose...well thats not for me to decide, now is it? Whatever you choose, just remember, Skill Point resets aren't that expensive. You CAN make a skill build change if you think things aren't going well for you.

Misc. Tips and Tricks

-Remember, it's cheaper to upgrade your armor than it is to buy it new. This applies to low levels, for the most part.

-I keep saying that warriors are NOT tanks in La Tale. This is mostly true, but don't underestimate yourself. If the situation becomes dire enough for the party, you may need to sacrifice your own body to keep everyone alive. You aren't as squishy other classes, so keep that in mind. Just be careful and always remember, "No one lives forever!"

-From Deadeye87 on Money Making: Around level 60 or so soloing Invoke should be possible. Since bosses drop multiple bags now the ely from NPCing stuff adds up fast. Well, that's also the level where farming Mine Bats for peridots and other ores becomes both easy and profitable exp and ely-wise, so it's your choice.

Best way to get funded though? Join a guild, ask for help.

- From multiple repliers: High level accessory crafting (around 30) can bring in decent wages. Lower levels don't appear to be as lucrative.

Well guys, it's 2 AM at the time I'm first posting this guide. I'd love feedback, suggestions, comments, etc. I welcome constructive criticism. Any higher leveled people out there, I'd especially like your opinions or any help you can offer.

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