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Originally Posted by Kyzuumi
I also heard there are servers where GearScore literally doesn't exist.
Servers where gearscore doesn't exist... *dies foaming at the mouth*

Honestly I wouldn't mind having to gear up new raids if I was given the chance.

To reemphasize problem I had, given the chance. One group I was in ToC25, RL asked me what my gearscore was, told him I had no idea. He asked me if I was going to put on my real gear (implying that the only gear I had from uld25 was a joke), I told him that it was my gear.

Next thing I know I'm not in the raid group anymore, and he promptly called me a n00b for having non ToC/ICC gear...

There's a list there. It's up to date, even though the picture hates all living things and may be fidgety when trying to update to my updates -_-

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