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IGN: ~LeonSchroeder~, HaoQiao,
Class: Lion to_scientist
Level: 253
Guild: DayBreak

Signatures and Banners:
Newest on top, oldest on bottom (for the most part).

Not Trickster related, but you can tell how I got inspired. For MyTrickster's GRAND Sig event. My topic was "Yellow" and the style was "Vector". Did in Flash in about 4 hours (I did many revisions).

Updated version of my O/X Banner. Totally done, including the picture, is maybe 8 hours.

My MyTrickster Winter Banner 2007 entry. Done in a total of maybe 10 hours. Used paper, pencil, scanner, Gimp, and Adobe Illustrator. I did not win (not even close). No further comment neccessary.

Mystery Santax2, MT's Fall Banner Entry, 1st O/X Guild Banner

Leon's Temporary Sig 1 and 2, MT's Summer Banner Entry, First Leon Sig

[Temporary Sig Until I Get a New one] - Now where have I heard that one before @.@
[Leon's Thread of Arts]

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