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IGN: ~LeonSchroeder~, HaoQiao,
Class: Lion to_scientist
Level: 253
Guild: DayBreak

Drawings and Animations:
Newest on top, oldest on bottom.

GM_Loki holding O and X signs. For my O/X Banner (the better looking one). Done in like..... a total of 5 hours. Pencil, scanned, Adobe Illustrator, Gimp.

Drawn as a semi-request from GM_Loki. It's GM_Loki cosplaying as Squall Leonhart. This picture hangs next to GM_Loki's desk in his office at Megalo HQ. Did in about 2 hours (hey it took a while to find a decent reference pic >.>).
I will post the ingame conversation between me and him about this drawing upon request.

My movie submission for Trickster Online's Great Idol Contest. I got runner up, but I still consider myself 2nd place? Material Used: Flash, Fraps, Trickster Online, Caffeine. Time: 15+ hours o_O
YouTube Link
Trickster Online Greatest Idol Page

Snow Bunny, Leon Hijacks MT/ML, Sheep and Chicken Leg, Stoned Leon

Panties and Bra Leon, Bra and Lollipop Leon, Blinking Leon, Jelly Bean Leon

Cat Cosplaying as Nyxx, RIP Wellington, Inventor Lion Concept Art, Shota Leon

NoeJeko x Bob, BAWWWWWing Dragon, Failed Sig Contest Leon, Leon's Head

[Temporary Sig Until I Get a New one] - Now where have I heard that one before @.@
[Leon's Thread of Arts]

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