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Default SEGAMew/Leon's Thread of Arts

Yeah this time I included the names SEGAMew and Leon in the same title just to comfuse you into thinking that I am two seperate entities.

Nah not really, some people know me better as SEGAMew (like Gilgrim) and some people know me better as Leon (like the majority of you). Some people don't even realize that SEGAMew and Leon are..... live in the same body!

Anyway my thread of art! Newer art will be at the top! =D

Updated 9/24/08

One of two of my entries for Trickster Online's Splash Screen Contest =) I like this one compared to my other entry... I used the previously drawn+colored Chibi GM_Loki pic and added a simple background.

My second entry that I've been previewing to MMOG members. I liked the idea, but I think it was poorly executed and could have been better... *wishes she had more time* I done this 100% with a tablet with the exception of like selecting tools with a mouse and right clicking... stuff =X Used Flash and Gimp.

Edited Entry:

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[Leon's Thread of Arts]

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