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Originally Posted by Settie
I'd like to order a few things. :3

Monguse Helmet x25, Cash box x10, and Steel Piece x25.

Thanks much :3 and take your time, I'm in no rush.
I'll add yours with another ghost blue request so it'll be done by end of week hopefully
total 1.950m

Request complete! See you in game!! :3

Originally Posted by koshimo
hey i was looking at the list you made and i noticed you missed 1 item fresh cream is used in 2 quests so its 30 total if you dont wanna go back just tell me i can get them myself but if u wanna add it thats kool too ^^ *continues to blame myself for being lazy* sorry
I completed didn't see that one. I'll get on it right away to complete it.

Originally Posted by TendoLinky
Hay I'd like to place a order,I know its alot,so if you dont wanna do some of it(Or all of it) I dont mind

75 Lip Glosses
50 Tink fishbones
50 Bell Fishbones
5 Fragmented map 1
5 Fragmented map 2
50 Sea herbs
16 Water Witch Cards
5 Whale Jawbones
15 Royal Mermaid Linens
28 Pearls
30 Okto Staffs
11 Tanya Swords
25 Chele's claw
3 Black pearls
25 bubbles
3 sturdy scales

Again I know its alot and im willing to pay a little bit more because of that.
IGN: Probally gonna have to PM Cyliah but im probally gonna have to take them on iHeartbreak. Just tell me if you dont wanna do some of the order or all of the order I wont mind thanks.
Ok, your's is last cause mermaid is a pain i hope you don't mind but that will be the most time consuming.

Originally Posted by wonderdesire
Mhm Hi Guys I'll Like to Order
100 Charm Grass
TY ^_^
Ok, yours is after ghost blue and between snows.

Originally Posted by Silmeria
@JustGoogleIt and SharpKitty

Alright, when will you be starting? I'll try to catch you guys in game so that i can add you both to my friend's list. It'll be easier for us to contact each other that way.
Sorry, you're kinda pushed back until we lvl 2/3 times I'm not starting any tap stuff till I hit 230 and that's also when I start drilling for every request also. so..>< it kinda gots to wait

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