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Originally Posted by Kyzuumi
Apparently GearScore makes chat not show up, and what else..

They should make anyone who mentions GearScore just automatically disconnect. One of the reasons I stopped playing was because my hiatus put me behind everyone else on the gear curve.

As a result, one of my guildies told me how one of the tanks was a friggin' idiot tanking in ICC. The only reason he was in there was because he had ICC gear, which doesn't freakin' mean shit. I facepalmed so hard and I just knew that it was time to stop playing since it was a waste of time and I would never catch up.

GearScore: Making aspects of the game that make you a good player completely trivial and obsolete

There's a list there. It's up to date, even though the picture hates all living things and may be fidgety when trying to update to my updates -_-

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