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Originally Posted by Harmonie
Remedy Ty for tha list ~ And i'd like to get another list lol Dx ;
[Mermaid quests canceled.]
High Quality Tantalum x 15 Complete
Light Pink Coral x 10 Complete
Mermaid's Feather x 10 Complete
Whale Sinew x 15 Complete
Cash box x 10 Complete
Cure for Sleepwalking x 5 Complete
Prenium Wine x 5 Complete
Steel Piece x 25 Complete
Hook x 5 Complete
Fragmented Map 3 x 5 Complete
Pure Water x 18 Complete
Brush x 5
Paint x 5 Complete
Nora Bandage x 15 Complete
Nora Doll x 15 Complete
Nora Sprayer x 25 Complete
R stone x 5 Complete
Y stone x 5 Complete
P stone x 5 Complete
B stone x 5 Complete
G stone x 5 Complete
Kriptonyte x 10 Complete
Dead Man's Incense x 3 Complete
Ghost Spirit x 5 Complete
Shadow Card x 1 (denied)
Thanks alot again ;;
It will come to 7.8m :3

Request complete! See you in game :3

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