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Another quick update to show you guys I'm not dead.

Got back from Spain a while ago, got some coursework done and got absolutely no studying done lol.

My granny is doing better now but unfortunately she's had her last round of Chemo and the doctors say they can't do much more about her.
I'm optimistic though, having visited her and seen how she feels.

School was messed up right from the start. Thanks to a timetabling glitch that only I have, I miss 5 classes a week. Thats 2 and a half hours of class that I miss and have to catch up on every week. Just to add to my list of stresses.

Coursework is slow. This monday starts the push where I need to finish my first two sections by the end of the month. They're the hardest ones. The rest should be easier.

Apart from all that, I got Spore. It's quite fun, although a tad bit disappointing for all the hype. It has second to none customizing tools though.

My coon is still having a holiday and will remain like that until further notice. Unfortunately I had so much to do before school I couldn't play enough trickster to get any half decent amounts of popurri boxes. I gained like 8000 points total. Just 13k or so to go...

Anyway, I really miss you guys. I'm socializing a bit again due to school and so I forget sometimes that I gotta keep with you guys too. Unfortunately the only thing that unites us now is this forum. :/

If any of you play Smash Bros Brawl, I'd love to play you online. I do it whenever I get the chance to play some games.

Anyhoo, gtg. Need to make dinner for the family. Mum is gone to Spain to see my granny again. I gotta make a chicken. xD

Later guys~

Keep having fun!
Back to playing Trickster!
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