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Originally Posted by Harmonie
Hai hai Remedy,i'd like to set up another request ;
Plain Pottery x 25 25k = 625k Complete
Patterned Pottery x 25 26k = 650k Complete
Turtle Shell x 10 12k = 120k Complete
Ironclad Turtle's Egg x 10 3k = 30k Complete
Sea Palace Ticket x 5 145k = 725k Complete
Blue Soul Bottles x 43 8k = 344k Complete
Red Soul Bottles x 39 8k = 312k Complete
Crow's Claw x 25 10k = 250k Complete
Pirate Hood x 50 15k = 750k Complete
Pirate Eyes Patch x 50 12k = 600k Complete
Baby Powder x 2 17k = 34k Complete
Voyage Log p9 x 1 18k Complete
Voyage Log p25 x 1 20k Complete
Voyage Log p31 x 1 23k Complete
Nausea Drink x 5 43k = 215k Complete
Nausea Patch x 5 43k = 215k Complete
Mermaid Little Card x 1 105k Complete
Fragmented Map 1 x 5 52k = 260g Complete
Tanya's Sword x 1 165k Complete
Water Weed Witch Card x 1 125k Complete
Chickensaurus's Leg x 25 35k = 875k Complete
Chele's Claw x 25 40k = 1m Complete
Suraphat's Shell x 25 40k = 1m Complete
Black Pearl x 3 66k = 198k Complete
Pearl x 3 77k = 231k Complete
Sturdy Scale x 3 35k = 105k Complete
Clay Tablet x 5 70k = 350k Complete
Abiox x 7 69k = 483k Complete
Silver Platter x 1 85k Complete
Mirror Spring Water x 1 65k Complete
Moonlight Coral x 5 100k = 500k Complete
Whale Baleen x 5 58k = 290k Complete
Dark Choco Piece x 3 120k = 360k Complete
Sharp Spear x 1 32k Complete
Fabilsag's Stinger x 5 40k = 200k Complete
Venomous Canine x 5 53k = 265k Complete
White Lily Bouquet x 1 400k Complete
Fluorescent Marble x 5 60k = 300k Complete
Anklet of Ocean Spirit x 5 30k = 150k Complete
Ancient Feather Pen x 1 765k Complete
Ok, I'm going to split your work with the snow key quest request. Your's will probably be done first. I have to rate everything though first i like to know prices first.

I got some sculpture of posiden i'm throwin in but do you want the mermaid linen? Linen will cost 65k each total 975k

13.240m w/ linen = 14.215

Request Complete! See you in game!! :3

To grimdeathz :Ok, I've been planning to do a driller pet and when I start i'll go do that mine for you in my spare time.

To Silmeria:I'll take this, cause i'm gonna start tap as soon as i get 230 so I'll let you know.
if you don't need them or find someone else before i start that's ok but let me know k?

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