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Originally Posted by grimdeathz
Uhmm kinds hard offer but I need alexandrites I'll pay 5-7m each if thats ok, since it's for refining idk how many I need LOL but I guess when u have no orders or something there's a way to make money LOL
Ok, I've been planning to do a driller pet and when I start i'll go do that mine for you in my spare time.

Originally Posted by Silmeria
I need 250 Whetstones which can be drilled from the tap fields/ spicy's lair.
My offer is 220k each. So that's 55mil for the lot.

Alternatively, I am also buying them at 200k each if you can't get a set of 250. Let me know if you'll be taking up my request!

I can be contacted on my fox, KuranYuki
I'll take this, cause i'm gonna start tap as soon as i get 230 so I'll let you know.

if you don't need them or find someone else before i start that's ok but let me know k?

OMG guys so much work x.x I'm the gf IRL n I'm helping; my oh my xD we gonna be busy hahaha

But thanks tho keeping us in business :3

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