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Originally Posted by koshimo
hey me again instead of making a crazy long post i know u can just look at the wiki but if you need me to ill post them here id like a complete snow/ice dungeon quest set please again time is not an issue so take as much as you need
I'm going to rate this stuff by map since i don't have a list. (monsters on maps = maps 1~4 dungeon 1~4) Drilled stuff will be at the bottom of the list.

Map 1
10 red / black yarn 52k/150k =520k/1.5m Complete
25 jelly 250k = 6.25m Complete
25 cd 100k = 2.5m Complete
25 crumpled socks 96k = 2.4 Complete

Map 2
5 red scarf 60k = 300k Complete
25 coke bottles 200k = 5m Complete
5 modeling contracts 70k = 350k Complete
15 pure white fur 225k = 3.375m Complete
25 bear paws + (5,5) 70k =2.45m Complete
25 masks 100k =2.5m Complete
total 13.975m

Map 3
25 foot print fossils 137k = 3.425m Complete
5 combs 60k = 300k Complete
30 cream 160k = 4.8m 5/30
5 beaters 160k = 800k Complete
totals 9.325m

Map 4*lost prices*
20 winter horseshoes Complete
25 ice picks
30 icicles Complete
Totals 11.9

Outside maps total to 48.37

Dungeon 1
Totals 15.725m

Dugeon 2

Dungeon 4

Dungeons map total

Drilled stuffz
5 Dragonfly Complete
5 Dinosaur Egg Complete
5 Ammonite Complete
5 Sea Scorpion Fossil Complete
5 Agave Complete
5 Bamboo Flower Complete
5 Udambara +1 if get Complete
10 Edelweiss
+1 blue orchid if i get Complete
25 Portable ac

Drilled totals=11.435

Total drilled/dungeon/fields = 11.435+ 33.585+48.37= 93.39m

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