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20 minutes late...better than I thought.

Leht found himself in front of the Teacher lounge quite quickly, which was surprising, considering the draconian layout of the school. He stepped inside and introduced himself to the handful of teachers in the lounge.

"Hey, you're assisting me in P.E next period arn't ya!?" Someone patted him on the shoulder, although it felt more like a punch with the amount of force put behind it. Leht turned around and forced a smile. "I am assisting in P.E next period, but you are...?" This guy looked ripped. Really ripped. The muscled person introduced himself with a laugh, "I'm Mr.Buff, the P.E teacher of this school!" Buff gave Leht a few more pats, (punches, again.) "We have our work cut out for us, these scrawny little kids crumble after my daily 5KM runs! Kids these days are so out of shape!"

Leht forced a chuckle, and tried to end the conversation. "Uhhh...yeah, but we'll whip em into shape...but first, lunch, I'll see you next period!" Buff pointed at Leht with a smile, "I like you already! I'll see you in P.E!" and with that, he exited the lounge.

Leht walked over to some nearby vending machines and discreetly rubbed his shoulder. He examined the machines and they were very...luxurious. They dispensed hot food, hot coffee, cake, and other things you wouldn't think an average vending machine would have. I'll bet my paycheck this stuff is better than caf food. He picked out a cold cut turkey sandwich with a salad, and got a can of fruit juice.