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Shinkirou is just really niceShinkirou is just really niceShinkirou is just really niceShinkirou is just really nice
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On the sixth floor of Wolverhampton, on some random hallway, Nicky was happily munching on some toast and drinking some milk. A teacher walked past him, and looked at him again.

"Nicky Dane, why are you not in uniform again? Must I remind you of the proper wear that you have to bri--"

Nicky looked up at the teacher.

"Sorry, but Saya doesn't like uniforms..."
"Saya this, Saya that! I have yet to meet your imaginary friend! You cannot use half-witted excuses to get away from wearing your uniform! Come with me."

The teacher grabbed Nicky on his shoulder, and that's when Saya woke up. He whipped around and smashed the toast into the teacher's face, then grabbed him by the neck and thrashed him against the wall. Thousands of ice arrows began to form around the poor teacher, as Saya's sharp eyes pierced into his.

"...If you EVER mention the word 'uniform' in my presence again, I will shove these arrows into your eye socket, and make them come out of your MAN-MAKER."

The teacher could only weep as Saya dropped him onto the floor. The arrows shattered while Saya walked away, still drinking his bottle of milk.