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Default Pangya eu joins na!

Greetings Pangya Players

We are happy to announce that from now on, European players will join us on Pangya Island!

By the end of December, Galaxy-Games will no longer be servicing the European version of Pangya, and we’d like to bring this opportunity to invite the European Pangya players into our region to enjoy the newest content and features.
If you are a European player who used to play Pangya with Galaxy Games, you will have the opportunity to start fresh with us.
If you had a character with Galaxy Games, with a rank of Junior E or higher, you can verify* your status through verification page from the Global Pangya website and receive the following items: 1st anniversary Papel Box (5), 20,000 Pang.
If you were a European Pangya player that utilized Premium Services with Galaxy Games, all new accounts that verify* the purchase of Premium Services on their old accounts will receive a comparable value of Scratchy Cards** on their newly created account with us.
If you are a returning European player who hasn't logged onto Global Pangya since 7/31/2010, log in and “Say hi” between 11/23~12/31 and receive a Welcome Back gift.
* Characters must be created on Global Pangya prior to verification process.
Verification Page will be available from (11/23/2010 PST)

** Rare items offered in each Scratchy update may differ from version to version.

In order to accommodate all European players that will be transferring from Galaxy Games, we have exhausted every available resource to gather pertinent Pangya Account information. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, we will not be able to transfer: Items, Rank, Pang, Cookies and Play Records from Galaxy Games.

To celebrate this great union and to welcome European Pangya players to the Global Pangya family, we will be holding a Tour Event from 11/23/2010 through 12/22/2010. Participating players may win various items for the December launch of the new Pangya character!
Also europe welcome to pangya brasil!


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