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Good morning all

Raz: Random Entry - 21/05/2008 - Melty Blood Act Cadenza B

Thats the tutorial so make sure you did everything in it... If yes then the only thing you need to do is to adjust your keyboard for online gaming : out of the 3 MBcaster files that you have into you're MB folder, double click on config_caster.ini then you have some information to add in it...

1. Enter your nickname
2. Enter the nickname of a second player (if you play team match you need it)
3. Set it to 1 instead of 0
4. Dont touch the PORT section and go at INPUT section
5. inputdevice=255 and now go in your original MBcaster file to take the keycode text document
6. You can notice that every single keys on your keyboard have a code. Since the config_caster only take those code you will need to rely on them to change the controls... If you want a little help here is mine :


The arrows to move, Z=weak attack(A) X=medium attack(B) C=strong attack(C) and A=parry(D) S/D(Q and A/D) multi fonction buttons

Once everything is done you can play online ;D. Open MBcaster and press 7 then Enter. It will ask you for an IP : I use that one :3. Then the person you are playing with need to do the same thing and when both of them did, it will ask you to press 2 to start.

Btw Xfire would help a lot since MOG have his own chatroom so anyone can meet up and make matchs.

Good luck!
Ty Quebee for the little me

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