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Originally Posted by Tenelax
I use a public IP address since I cant host (router problem)... But all you need to do is to open MBcaster and press the number depending on what you want to do: the game 2. join a game (it will ask you the IP of the hoster) I use 7. ask you an IP to play on a public server (both of the players need to enter it) 8. test if you can host games or not 9. test if the game work correctly

Make sure you putted the 3 MBcaster files in the MB one and also that you configured your keyboard for mbcaster
Originally Posted by Lendisa
Raz got xFire? I can send you to the MBAC Chat room, they know how. ._.

Edit: Tene = win. ;3 Oh Tene, will you still be on in an hours time? I've just got pilates then I can play. ;o
Ohhhh! Thanks for all the help guys! yeah, i got the game working offline with my keyboard so i think it will work online with the same settings? or am i wrong? ( @ . @ ?

Also, a public IP adress, by that you mean a server thats specifically there to host the game? if so, can i have an adress of one (if you got one XD)...

And XFire... I heard of it... i dont think i got one... what's it for anyway ( @ . @ ;; if it's like an Instant Messenger program, i already got MSN if it helps!

Thanks for clearing that up for me... i hope i can get it working cause i got nothing to play and i forced my friend to download it too XO;