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Default PVP Farming, anyone?

PVP farms take place on Mondays and Tuesdays at 6pm PST. So please begin whispering me about 15-30 minutes in advanced so I know who I'm taking.

First come first serve.
If you don't follow my rules, then you will no longer be able to participate in my PVP farms.

If it's not your win, only attack a little so you're registered with the PVP system as being a participant instead of being afk. If you don't get your name in you will not receive points!

If you DO need to afk you need to get a Goblin Warlord shield, I cannot supply you with one of these so if you know you need to afk for more than one match, please be sure to get one for yourself.

Don't whisper me days in advance. I'm not reserving spots because of how unreliable some people can be. I'll be making teams the DAY of the PVP farm. So whisper me 30 minutes in advanced and be at the Fight arena on Channel 4 by 6 pm PST. If you're not there I'll have to find a replacement and you will not be participating that night in PVP farming.

You need to follow the rotation I've set, so I can keep track of how many wins each team gets. If you're on my team (Which I will remind in party and in all chat) You are on Team A and we have first win. If you are on another persons team (Normally Holyana but might change due to something going on with her irl) you are Team B and you win second. Team B will be the last winner of the rotation so that way when we meet up again, Team A winning will be fair.

We'll farm for an hour, then we'll see how everyone feels. Personally I get kind of bored after an hour, but if everyone is willing to continue on for the second hour instead of taking the 1 hour break, that's okay too.

Edit: 1/18/11:
PVP Farming has been postponed =.= My ping's blasted up to over 1k. Sometimes it drops to where I can play normally but then it jumps back up. Sorry for this. >.>

3rd jobs have been fixed!
PVP farming shall resume on 1/18/11 1/24/11 on Ch 4 at fight arena about 15-20 minutes prior to the scheduled time!
Remember there's limited space so act fast!

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