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FrozenHearted is an unknown quantity at this point

Sorry for not updating as promised nor replying. Had issues with my internet. It logged me out every freakin' second.

Originally Posted by Minuss
you let tele go full length going -> then when its over turn <- then idh. Thats the EASIEST way to land the idh hit without spending the time to like wait and find the timing.
Now I got it. I will test it in a myth raid tommorow morning when I don't lag.

Originally Posted by Ashee
aaaa: at wall, facing to 6
aa3a9a 669(9)as to offwall

aaaa: normal offwall, facing to 6
aaa9a 669(9)as
stuff that may make you fail:
beeing too far away or beeing at the wrong spot of the target (beeing too far to 8 as an example)

i think its quite difficult with less air, you dont have to do the full lenght in order to success
sometimes it works even if i cancel my aaaa a bit earlier and i can shift with aa >as

for pillars, dunno what you mean with it
Thanks. I do appreciate it. I'll test them to make sure I understood it. I don't want to talk about things I do not understand/know, as I did before.

As for Pillars: Sometimes when I use Pillar it moves my oppoent. (In addition toi just lifting them). I'm trying to figure our how it works exactly so we can use it on purpose when we want to shift away-from-the-wall.

Originally Posted by Lunar
it's more of a trap not a combo
it's the ONLY method that uses yuki's double space bar that i have found but it doesn't work sometimes for some reason i have never been able to figure out, so... i will not disclose it
my mystery for me to solve whenever i feel like playing again
GL with that! :P